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Kreck Design designs book cover for new crime novel

Sandra Versteegh, co-owner and designer at Kreck Design, is proud to have designed the cover for a recently released  fiction novel by author Marc Olden. Using original artwork by artist Jane Gennaro, we created a new jacket cover for the murder mystery book Poe Must Die, which is being re-released through Amazon in paperback.


Kreck Design Launches New Website for Wine Country Bikes

Kreck Design has launched a new web presence for a Healdsburg bike rental shop and provider of single and multi-day tours around the wine country. There is nothing quite like enjoying rolling vineyards, beautiful winery scenes, and fresh air all at the same time! Wine Country Bikes needed a new web presence that captures their fun and adventuresome spirit while still presenting a professional presence that instilled customer confidence.
Kreck Design provided the new design given their existing logo and font treatments, a content management system to allow them to make changes instantly to their site, and an e-commerce platform to allow them to take registrations directly through the web.

Firm to pay the Federal Trade Commission $250K to settle case surrounding a charge that it improperly used misleading online consumer reviews.

An article was passed to me today about a settlement between a company that produced guitar-lesson DVDs and the FTC over the company's failure to disclose that the people posting positive reviews were being paid a commission.
The FTC, which was revised and clarified its positions regarding online endorsements and testimonials in 2009, has ruled that any "a positive review by a person connected to the seller - or someone who receives cash for in-kind payment to review a product or service - should disclose the material connection between the reviewer and the seller of the product or service."
So what does this mean?
This particular charge was levied against a company that was paying a company directly to craft websites and positive reviews. While this certainly isn't unheard of online, it is relatively rare among legitimate companies. What has become more common, however, is the offering of something of value such as a discount, a cup of coffee, or other small incentive for the posting of a review on Yelp, Trip Advisor, "Liking" a company on Facebook, or "following" on Twitter. While I don't see the FTC knocking on your door over offering a cup of coffee, it does seem to violate the letter of their current rules.
The ruling is open to public comment for 30 days.

Kreck Design is excited to present a new website... for ourselves!

For those that know us this change was long in coming and is part of a general re-visioning of our company logo and collateral materials. We hope our new site inspires creativity and gives you a little insight into our process, breadth of services, and sometimes slightly quirky inner workings. If you poke around you might even find a few of the cogs that keep everything running smoothly! "What does it all mean?" you ask. Join us for a martini, a cold pint, or glass of wine and we'll explain the master plan. I'm sure it will make perfect sense.

The new site has an extensive 'in-plain-English' description of our services and a wide selection of portfolio pieces to provide concrete examples of how we bring designs to life and build web applications to meet our client's needs. If you see anything interesting, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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