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our process

Every project has a different path to success. In most cases we have accomplished dozens if not hundreds of similar projects and have refined a process to walk you through the experience as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

All of our projects begin with a kick off meeting that will explain the best way to move forward, get the client's input, and refine the steps to meet their needs. All projects conclude with an overview of the project and a confirmation that the accomplished project met the client's goals and expectations.

Sample website project with content management system

Proposal Stage

Stage: Proposal

Proposal Phase - During this time we work with the client to determine the scope of the project and refine our proposal. If the scope can be determined quickly, we will often provide a fixed bid for the work to be performed. In other cases, we will provide a proposal to determine map out the client's needs, develop a creative brief or scope of work, and determine what functionality they will need to move forward.

Proposal Sign-Off and Project Scheduling - During this time we get you as a client setup in our systems and get the project mapped out.

Kick Off and Strategy Meeting

Stage: Kick Off & Strategy Meeting

Kick Off Meeting - This meeting is where we layout the various steps of the project, provide a face-to-face meeting with everyone working on the project if possible, and make sure deliverables are well understood and the timelines are in place. Training is provided for the project management website, and tutorial documents are provided to the client to help them with any tasks they will be undertaking.

Strategy & Consulting - Although not necessary in all projects, this phase focuses on establishing a cohesive web strategy. In this phase of the project, the scope of the future project will be determined.

Design and Layout

Stage: Design

Design Meeting - The design meeting provides time for Kreck Design to learn about our client's goals and expectations for the design of the website. Although briefly explored during the proposal phase, we dive deeper and make sure we understand what the client is looking for.

Design Phase - During this time we are producing the design of the site, and working with the client to refine the design. This phase ends when the client signs off on the look and feel for the new site.

Build Out and Programming

Stage: Build Out & Programming

Build Out Phase - During this phase what is essentially a picture of what the website will look like is converted to an actual, working website. During this phase there is often some back and forth between the design staff and the client. This phase ends when the client signs off on the functionality of the first page or two of the site.

Programming Phase - During this phase the programmers will install any programming such as a shopping cart or content management system. This phase typically begins shortly after the Kick-Off meeting, but is limited until the completion of the Build Out phase.

Content Creation and Insertion

Stage: Content

Content Creation - This task involves the creation and organization of the content including text, images, and video. This is done through a web based tool starting after the Kick-Off phase, and needs to be complete by the conclusion of the Build Out phase. Content should generally be proofed and finalized by this stage.

Content Insertion - This phase is the folding together of the content with the new website and the building out of each individual page.

Training and Revisions

Stage: Training & Revisions

Training - This task involves the training of our client's staff to use the web applications (Content Management System and Shopping Cart) so that they can start to enter any content they are providing.

Revisions - This phase includes the refinement of the website and the correction of any small issues. Two rounds of revisions are included with most projects which are typically provided to us in two email lists of the changes desired.

Site Launch

Stage: Site Launch & Maintenance

Site Launch - Once everything is complete, the final sign off by the client launches the site!

Site Maintenance & Review - Although not commonly included in fixed bids, we mention this step in a project to reiterate that a website is an ongoing process of reviewing what is working and what needs improvement.