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  • Attractive work that meets your marketing needs – Kreck Design has been creating materials and websites for over a decade. We have spent a great deal of time honing our skills and learning what questions to ask so that we can present a project you are happy to have represent your company.
  • Company Lodging / Winery / Hospitality Experience – Kreck Design currently has over 100 winery clients and half a dozen bed and breakfast clients. Of course we also have a wide variety of clients from other industries as well.
  • Company Programming Experience – Kreck Design Solutions has extensive experience in many areas of web application programming and can provide installation of off-the-shelf software or grounds up creation of custom designed software.
  • Sees the Entire Picture - Integration of multiple online applications & solutions to provide a rich, interactive experience. For example, joining e-commerce, email marketing, full product descriptions, and wholesale sales tools into a streamlined experience for the visitor.
  • Local - Depth of in-house talent will provide high-quality, consistent services that cannot be provided by a single individual or a distributed network of contractors.
  • Existing Code Library – These applications, combined with many others and years of customization, have given us a rich library of pre-written code that will give us a head start on new projects. This certainly does not mean, however, that you will be receiving a canned, ‘pre-fab’ solution. The work we have done in the past will allow us to tackle the new project with experience and confidence and make sure each application is tailored to meet your exact goals.
  • Wide Number of Services - We can provide for your design needs whether it is logos, stationary, websites, packaging, marketing materials, or even the company vehicles! No need to coax your vendors to share information or keep a consistent look and feel.
  • Accountable - Every person in our organization speaks directly to clients when appropriate to avoid misunderstandings, reduce administrative overhead, and streamline deliverables.
  • High Quality of Work - We maintain and task ourselves with a well-defined list of ‘best practices’ so we provide consistently exceptional work.
  • Secure and Private - We maintain a high degree of security to keep your information and that of your clients safe from outside sources. Our staff is very discrete with all client information and understands your need for privacy.
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