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Other stuff we do to maintain our superiority in web development

Server Stability

Server Stability

We maintain a dozen servers to provide an efficient environment for all digital files and speed creation and delivery of all projects.

All data is backed up every day with backups transferred off-site regularly for piece-of-mind for all investments in our infrastructure.

Security Detail


Strict virus and security controls maintain data to ensure payment information and other sensitive information remains secure and everyone is tracked independently and held accountable.

Kreck Code Library

Kreck Kode

Software languages are also common, industry-standard solutions that provide a wide range of options and upgrade paths.

Careful thought and discussion will be part of any custom programming project to determine the quantity of documentation and in-line comments.

A constantly evolving 'best of breed' standard of best practices applied to each project. Obviously something that changes depending upon it's applicability to the type of the project; for example, including many items competitors leave out such as proper code validation, basic search engine optimization and accessibility checks for websites.

Project Management

Build Out and Programming

Project Management is accomplished through an online management tool that provides up-to-date information and the environment for Kreck Design to provide extremely accurate, detailed descriptions on each task performed.

Software Design Applications are the industry's most common and powerful, allowing for fast project creation and interoperability with other vendors and commercial printers.

Design projects are saved at various logical stages and labeled intelligently (both external assets / file names as well as internal layers / assets) to allow for later modification and adjustment as the fastest possible speed.

Contact Us

Contact Us

A method for emergency contact is provided to contact a Kreck Design representative 24/7, 365 days a year for significant emergencies.