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e-commerce & loyalty clubs

For the majority of our customers, a significant goal of the website is to sell a product. We can help you balance online sales with your other online goals, and provide the customer a rich, engaging environment that doesn't stand in their way when they're looking to purchase.

We view the sales process as one step in the larger task of building a customer relationship. We can help explain the entire process, and even help obtain the myriad of services that provide all pieces of the puzzle.

Kreck Design provides an interactive shopping experience through a shopping cart web application that we created ourselves over almost ten years. This software supports the selling any product, but has additional specific features required by wineries to sell alcohol.

As part of this system, we include a Loyalty Program / Wine Club signup form to handle single signups or signups as an addition to an order.

If you are interested in selling online, Kreck Design can make that process as painless as possible and get your company moving in the right direction!

Typical aspects of the entire process are:

  • Off-line materials to promote the website and store
  • On-line marketing through social media, search engine optimization and email marketing
  • The software that manages sales experience itself (often called the shopping cart)
  • The servicing of the customer through the website
  • Fulfillment through in-house or off-site fulfillment centers
  • Payment processing through a credit card processor
  • Security issues surrounding the protection of card-holder data

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