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About our system

These days websites are often more than static pages that remain the same until a designer changes them. We can program different text and graphics to be displayed depending on the time of the year, day of the week, or even the type of visitor to the site. We can build interactive interfaces that allow the visitor to search information in a variety of ways and even allow your company to update most of the website yourself using a simple, fill-in-the-blank, password-protected administrative interface.

Kreck Design offers a complete content management system with specialized modules to meet your needs.

Additional Services

The core of every website is the 'content,' a term we use to describe the aspects of the website that change from page to page and is generally made up of copy, photos, and videos. We believe these aspects should be the most important aspect of your site, and we focus on quality and the tailoring of the content to match the medium.

Kreck Design can provide a wide range of services to help develop content, or we can place content you have already created for other purposes. Even when our clients create their own content, we provide them guides to help them make simple decisions to refine what they have and get us the best content possible.

In addition to the content itself, we can provide systems to allow you to edit your own website, or systems that allow content to be rotated automatically based upon the date or other factors. Such systems are often called 'content management systems' and can save a great deal of time and expense.

Maintenance Packages

In addition of keeping a site up to date, it is also possible that changes to the internet environment will require an upgrade to your site. For example, occasionally hackers develop a new method to compromise a website or a new web browser is released which does not display the site correctly. It is important for someone to ensure current technology is applied to avoid these types of issues.

We can provide any of these types of services as needed or you can subscribe to a monthly maintenance contract. These contracts will allow you to turn a completely unpredictable event into something that fits within your budgeting process. Please contact us for expanded descriptions and pricing.

Quick Updates to Site

Kreck Design is very happy to update any web site on an hourly basis and work with you to keep it up to date and looking its best. We can inherit other's work and will dive right in.

Copy Editing and Copy Writing

Generating copy for your site may be something you enjoy or something you dread. Kreck Design can help you in any way you may need. Although many clients already have content they created for other purposes within the company, they may want to edit the content specifically for the web, or generate completely new content. If you wish, Kreck Design, can help you edit or write the copy.

Photography Selection / Direction

As with writing copy, many of our clients have a collection of photos, but often they have hundreds with no idea what the more compelling image might be for the site. Others might have a good percentage of the photos but need to fill in with stock photography or commission original photos for the project.

Kreck Design can help with all of these tasks including selecting photos from a company's collection, from a stock photography collection, or art directing the creation of the photos using a photographer commissioned for this specific project.

Website Analytics and Reporting

It is always hard to tell how much effort you should place in a various aspect of your business when you don't know how many potential customers are visiting the site and what type of return you are getting.

Kreck Design can help gather statistics and analyze those from a variety of sources to get you the information that will help you do your job in the most efficient method possible.