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internet marketing

The phrase, "Build it and they will come," unfortunately does not apply to websites. Internet Marketing is a general term that applies to all aspects of promoting your website and reaching more potential customers. A constant mistake made by companies large and small is to put up a website and walk away to leave it collecting dust for years.

Of course, while you're working hard running the business and getting your other tasks done, who has time to spend on another time sink? Kreck Design will help you find the best approach to maximize your site's value while avoiding wasting time and money.

Social Media Consulting

It is hard to go a day without interacting with one of the several prominent methods of social orientated websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Each platform has its own nuances, and the successful approach to these involve a mixed approach that involves other online tools. The best approach allows for the maximization of time and resources to achieve the widest reach without consuming too much time.

Online Advertising

Also an important part of the mix, online advertising is primarily known as 'pay-per-click' advertising these days. It also includes listings in specific websites or other types of banner advertising. Kreck Design helps clients manage their advertising campaigns either as an individual project or part of a larger plan.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is a phrase to describe the process of making your site more attractive to the search engines that people use to find your website. It is comprised of primarily two aspects... the things that can be done to your own website to make it rank higher given certain key-phrases, and things done on other's websites that link to your site. Kreck Design can provide you a plan to specifically improve your site's rankings or a cohesive plan that involves other aspects of internet marketing.

Email Marketing

For years email marketing was one of the most effective methods for reaching customers and driving sales. In many cases it's power remains and should rarely be ignored. Email Marketing involves the creation of email campaigns to target certain customers with certain products & services, the creation of the individual emails, and their delivery.